Sharkfights (10 Map 1s Series)

Sharkfight Leaderboard

These are from results of completed 10 map series. Many more are currently underway; scroll down to check out the scores!

Dr-Orc +9 -1
He-Man +6 -4
BabyShark +36 -24
LordVaras +8 -12
ring62 +6 -14
MiSery +3 -17

How the board works: If you win a Sharkfight, you will be entered directly above the player you beat, unless a player with fewer wins vs that same opponent is already there. For example, if you beat SuperPeon by 7-3 and JohnBoy beat SuperPeon by 6-4, you would jump above JohnBoy. If you are playing someone who is not already on the board, you both will be entered at the bottom of the board with winner on top. As you win more games, you can climb further up the leaderboard. As we go along, I will see whether this system works and whether it needs modification if issues arise. The + and – signs indicate total game wins and losses in completed Sharkfights.

Completed Sharkfight Series Outcomes

BabyShark vs Dr-Orc Dr-Orc 9, BabyShark 1
BabyShark vs LordVaras BabyShark 6, Varas 4
BabyShark vs MiSery BabyShark 9, MiSery 1
BabyShark vs ring62 BabyShark 7, ring62 3
BabyShark vs MiSery (2nd) BabyShark 8, MiSery 2
BabyShark vs LordVaras (2nd) BabyShark 6, Varas 4
BabyShark vs He-Man He-Man 6, BabyShark 4
BabyShark vs ring62 BabyShark 7, ring62 3

Current Ongoing Sharkfights

(Users arranged alphabetically)

Achilles vs BabyShark

Achilles vs MiSery

BabyShark vs Cyan

BabyShark vs DeathKnight~

BabyShark vs disgruntled

BabyShark vs Dr-Orc

BabyShark vs DuMaurier

BabyShark vs ehr

BabyShark vs He-Man

BabyShark vs LetsRemake

BabyShark vs LordVaras 2nd Series

BabyShark vs Lost~One

BabyShark vs Mastery

BabyShark vs Megalodon

BabyShark vs Matty

BabyShark vs MiSery

BabyShark vs randompeasant

BabyShark vs ring62

BabyShark vs TOFU

CaptainKurtz vs ring62

DeathKnight~ vs MiSery

DeathKnight~ vs TOFU

Disgruntled vs MiSery

disgruntled vs ring62

He-Man vs ring62

He-Man vs TOFU

Lambchops vs MiSery

LordVaras vs ring62

Mastery vs ring62

MiSery vs ~Stylebender

ring62 vs TOFU

What is a Sharkfight?

A Sharkfight is a 1 v 1 10 games series on 10 different maps, with each of the two players choosing 5 normal playstyle maps each, taking turns beginning with the challengee, or arranging turn-taking however the two players agree. The player picking the map also chooses the resources and other settings if desired (fixed or random order, tileset). Most games are played with high resources and random order and map default tileset.

Normal playstyle means:

one peon start,

EF speed

no modified unit or building properties (like 1 hp units, fast build, super strong units, etc.).

Games are played at the convenience of the two players and results and videos can be posted here.