Sharkfights (10 Map 1s Series)

Completed Sharkfight Series Outcomes

BabyShark: 1

BabyShark vs LordVaras BabyShark 6, Varas 4: Winner BabyShark

Current Ongoing Sharkfights

BabyShark vs He-Man

BabyShark vs LetsRemake

BabyShark vs LordVaras 2nd Series

BabyShark vs Mastery

BabyShark vs ring62

BabyShark vs TOFU

He-Man vs ring62

He-Man vs TOFU

LordVaras vs ring62

Mastery vs ring62

Matty vs BabyShark

What is a Sharkfight?

A Sharkfight is a 1 v 1 10 games series on 10 different maps, with each of the two players choosing 5 normal playstyle maps each, taking turns beginning with the challengee, or arranging turn-taking however the two players agree.

Normal playstyle means:

one peon start,

EF speed

no modified unit or building properties (like 1 hp units, fast build, super strong units, etc.).

Games are played at the convenience of the two players and results and videos can be posted here.