Early 2019 – **Topple the Champion** Special Event! Our amazing undefeated reigning Champion will be returning to take on every brave contender in the quest to win bragging rights and $75 USD! Not one person has defeated our Champion so far! He has 100% wins from the last competition on November 4th.

The date and time are to be determined, but keep an eye out for this exciting upcoming challenge!

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P.S. “Player” here is generic player, not “The” Player.

Mid 2019 – Rec League Level Champion competition in the works for people with a max ELO. Check back at the end of the year for more info and feel free to give input. I’m thinking we will determine who the Rec League Level Champion will be based on the SHARKFIGHTS scores. To be clear, this is the non-pro level, probably max ELO 1450-1500, to be decided once other players have weighed in.