War2USA 50 New Players Playing 2019 Goal Surpassed!!!

I am happy to report that we have surpassed our 50 new player goal for 2019!! This includes only players that we did NOT see in 2018. So 50 NEW to War2USA players since January 2019! And we got more than 50 already halfway through November a month and a half before the end of the year!!

There were plenty more people that logged on who didn’t play, but I did not count players who only logged on, but counted only players that actually played. I believe each of these names is a unique individual, no repeats, and was careful to not include known smurf names of previous users. I also very likely missed a good number of players, so the actual number is higher than the ones I remembered to record.

Visit the War2USA forum for more details.

I want to thank each of you for playing on War2USA and contributing to making War2USA the best Warcraft 2 server on earth!!

Game on.

Summer 2019 Map Contest Official Winner Announcement

Thank you everyone who entered maps in War2USA’s Summer 2019 Map Contest! I was very happy with how many people participated and all the beautiful and unique maps that were added to our community’s map pool for many years to come!

The official winner of War2USA’s Summer 2019 Map Contest as decided by popular vote by the community is:


Well done, Nedro! This map rates very high in uniqueness, creativity, thought put into it, attention to detail, replayability, all traits of a top notch map creation. Thank you for joining in this community contest and congratulations!!

Official Smurf Night at War2USA was Wildly Fun!

Thank you to everyone who participated in War2USA’s first Official Smurf Night on Nov. 1st, 2019!
The night was really fun…I was able to “hide” and not get doubled/tripled/quadrupled every game lol. 😉
Some of the smurfs were pretty easy to pick out, but a few, I still don’t know who they were.
Here’s the Youtube vid from Smurf Night!

War2USA Official Smurf Night Nov. 1, 2019

I definitely plan to have another Smurf Night since it was super fun. I’m thinking twice a year, the last Friday before the time changes in Spring and Fall.

VOTE your favorite Map Contest Entries NOW!!

Click HERE to VOTE!!

The War2USA Summer 2019 Map Contest brought in so many fresh maps…and some of the mapmakers enjoyed themselves so much that they continued to be fruitful even after the entry deadline, producing plentiful new stomping grounds for War2USA players. Click the underlined link to visit the contest page and see pictures of all the map entries as well as a video that highlights the wonderful new productions gifted to all of us.

I am declaring Moriouce the official 1st year of War2USA Mapmaker of the Year for the sheer number of gorgeous and unique maps he created for Warcraft 2 fans to enjoy in such a short span of time.

But let’s find out who wins this particular contest!

The goal of this contest was to spark creativity and have many minds bring ideas to the table and the response from the community was absolutely fantastic. So many splendid concepts were molded into beautiful puds that add new adventure and excitement to the world of Warcraft 2 we all enjoy!

I again want to thank every member who submitted maps and enlarged the map pool for the future of this game! Long live W2!

Please browse the contest entry map pictures and cast your votes for your favorites!

Up to 5 votes per person.

Click HERE to VOTE!!

Games Tonight!! Come play! 9 pm EST

Monday night fun returns with a splash. Assorted fresh and exciting maps, new scenery, new challenges, friendly players, come join us on War2USA server as we play the best game ever made, Warcraft 2, multiplayer online and welcoming all skill level players!

To connect with our community, ask any questions, chat about Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness, or to get tech support, join our friendly Discord!

USA 1 Year Anniverary

Greetings to the wonderful USA community of Warcraft 2 fans! Tomorrow (Sept. 24, 2019) is the 1 year anniversary of War2USA.

It’s been a fabulous year. The games have been varied and fun. We’ve had many newcomers visit and join us. We’ve had a lot of laughs and so many great and exciting battles.

We appreciate every person who plays on War2USA and enhances the vibrant fabric of our friendly and amazing community.

Special thanks to Tupac for paying for and maintaining War2USA’s server and website.

Special thanks to ring62 who is top recruiter of the year. Thanks to everyone who recruited and helped newcomers figure out how to log in and to all who helped welcome and train newcomers!

Special thanks to Moriouce who is the most prolific map maker of the year. Thanks to all who have created fresh, fun, new maps for us all to enjoy, and to all who entered the contest! You guy keep amazing me over and over again!

Special thanks to tech support people easycompany, Lambchops, Tupac, Incos, PrinceValiant, and anyone else who helped with computer stuff.

I apologize for the delay in creating the map contest poll and for kind of vanishing for some time. I have lost my phone and am currently locked out of Discord and email. I should be able to fix that once I’m home.

I won’t be home tomorrow as some real life stuff has delayed me from heading back home.

I look forward to gaming with you all in the future and celebrating one amazing year of our friendly and delightful Warcraft 2 fan community.

Game on.

Summer 2019 Map Contest!!

The maps are in for War2USA’s Summer 2019 Map Contest! Lots of awesome maps have been added to our pool that I plan to be playing a lot of in the next few weeks. Special mention to Moriouce who made a TON of new maps including many that weren’t included in this contest, but which you can find here. Many creators added their works of artistic genius to our repertoire, so thank you everyone who made maps for the community! You have several weeks to play the new maps so you can experience them to vote for your favorites starting on the War2USA forum starting September 17, 2019.