Tupac: The New Braveheart

In the beginning of the story of Braveheart, everyone’s favorite epic hero, the evil tyrants of the time thought it was their right to rape everyone’s new bride.

Braveheart married his beloved in secret to avoid this horrific abuse.

The evil rulers didn’t like that.

What happened to him resulted in the birth of a hero who would fight against oppressive rule and tyranny, for all the people who just wanted to live in peace.

Tupac, likewise, was wrongly treated at RU. He watched others mistreated and abused. Even as a child, he wanted justice. He wanted to fight for a better world.

The grown-up Tupac has created a better world for Warcraft 2, for us. We can now play in peace, and enjoy the game we love, without being harassed, insulted, banned, belittled, and antagonized under tyrannical, indifferent leadership.

Tupac has made Warcraft 2 great again.

Tupac, you’re our Braveheart.


War2USA Yearbook 2019

War2USA Yearbook 2019

Most improved player: ring62

Top recruiter: ring62

Best player: Dr-Orc (International Warcraft 2 Champion of 2019)

Top 5 strongest new players joining 2019: Ragner, Megalodon, Nedro, PBRMEASAP, MrTheKing

Top 3 most games played on USA: BabyShark, ring62, TOFU

Most sappers: Achilles

Most pauses: ring62

Longest pause: randompeasant (about 20 minutes, we waited, feel the love, random!)

Top 3 most frequent human players: randompeasant, Nedro, BabyRex

Top 3 AFKers: TOFU, randompeasant, disgruntled

Top 3 most diverse strategy: He-Man, Nedro, ring62

Best newb: Hakuxer0

Most devoted Twitch viewers: OKGBlind, payameatsushi, Hakuxer0, jrregan, GrimBarbs, akumakaryudo, oldschoolwar2player, crazyrek, ByHisHand, Knightime98, setpixel, EulertheGreat (THANKS GUYS!!! ❤)

Best at math: TheGoodShepherd, Shadda12, He-Man

Best couple: Lambchops and ashleyy

Top 3 best accent on voice chat: Lambchops, LordVaras, Hakuxer0

Best player who barely ever played in 20 years: Cyan

Top 3 best joke-tellers/funniest: TOFU, Nedro, achilles (see a few of TOFU’s funny sayings here)

Achilles joke, as he fights with his subs: “I will make you “sub”-mit.” Lol.

Puts in a good effort joke-teller: LordVaras 😉

Best smurf: @LordVaras Check 12 😉

Most used catchphrase of War2USA starter: ring62 np

Most watched Youtube videos of 2019:
503 Views Warcraft 2 Tutorials: 13 Common Newbie Mistakes to Avoid

238 Views Warcraft 2 Tutorials: How Units Emerge from Buildings and Why It Matters

235 Views Warcraft 2 International Champion Event with Bonus Exclusive Interview with the Champion

Best Warcraft 2 Server in the world: War2USA


Happy New Year War2USA!! Games tonight!! =)

It’s been a great year for War2USA. We have something special here. Every one of you brings your own unique flavor to our mix of players from around the world. Thank you everyone for playing at USA and a special thank you to Tupac who pays for and provides us with a wonderful place to enjoy our favorite game in a non-toxic and pleasant environment. Also a special thank you to tech support people easycompany, Lambchops, Tupac, and to game time organizers like ring and Varas, and to everyone who welcomes newcomers and visitors. Thank you to Moriouce and other mapmakers for all the maps. Thank you to Nedro for training sessions and tips of W2 to USA players. And thank you all for playing at and being a part of War2USA. I wish everyone a fantastic New Year and look forward to many more awesome good times in 2020!

Fun and Fabulous Well-attended War2USA Christmas Party sets Historical Peak Users!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for making War2USA’s Christmas Party Special Event AWESOME!!! Last night was a fantastic success, and we definitely got the record number of users logging into our server to play tonight!! Also would like to thank Moriouce and FrostyInsanity for their new Christmas themed maps “Christmas Time” and “Poinsettia” which we played tonight, some of each. What a great night. SOOOO many players!! Many on voice chat too! And we got a BRAND NEW PLAYER, Baxus, WELCOME!!! =)

The Live Stream from War2USA’s Christmas Party can be found here:
Take a look and if you haven’t already, do follow War2USA’s Twitch channel so you don’t miss any of the fun!

Here is a list of the players from last night. There were a bunch of smurfs also but I’m gonna assume they are the players below. But maybe there were even more than we know about.

Snoopy if you weren’t a smurf, sorry for not adding you! I think you were, though!
5 SophieTurners and several Jokers I’m pretty sure were above players smurfing

The night couldn’t have gone better! It was super fun and everyone was just having a great time playing the best game ever made!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!