Sharkfight Scoresheet BabyShark vs He-Man

Completed Sharkfights

He-Man 6, BabyShark 4 (scroll down for more details and vids)

Sharkfight 2nd Series

BabyShark: 2 of 10
He-Man: 5 of 10
Still to play: 3 of 10

Game 1 He-Man pick Taiga, He-Man win
Game 2 Baby pick GOW, He-Man win
Game 3 He-Man pick GSEPS
Game 4 He-Man pick NWTR, Baby win
Game 5 Baby pick DT, He-Man win (aka RLNG62)
Game 6 Baby pick Rose Petal, He-Man win (Insighted April 6, 2020 1 am)
Game 7 He-Man pick FOC, He-Man win (Insighted April 6, 2020)
Game 8 Baby pick Chop No Farms High Res (Insighted April 6, 2020)
Game 9 Baby pick PAM, Baby win (Insighted July 29, 2020)

Sharkfight 3rd Series

Game 1 He-Man pick NWTR, Baby win (Insighted April 6, 2020 1 am)

Sharkfight 3rd Series

BabyShark: 0 of 10
He-Man: 1 of 10

Game 1 Ibecrom pick for us GOW, He-Man win

Completed SHARKFIGHT 10 Game SERIES Victories:

Sharkfight 1st Series

BabyShark: 4 of 10
He-Man: 6 of 10

Game 1 Baby pick AYN, Baby win
Game 2 Baby pick Valley of the Lost Peons (KPUD), He-Man win
Game 3 Baby pick GWN, Baby win
Game 4 He-Man pick HSC, He-Man win
Game 5 He-Man pick GOW, He-man win
Game 6 He-Man pick World Dom, He-Man win
Game 7 Baby pick Gold Rush, He-Man win
Game 8 He-Man pick NWTR, Baby win
Game 9 Baby pick Dangerous Territory, He-Man win
Game 10 He-Man pick GSEPS, Baby win