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W2 Players and Fans!

Get ready for a special Warcraft 2 event to remember, the Sunday after Valentine's Day, Feb. 16th, 2020, 2 pm EST.

This event will feature exclusively the winning map creation entered in the Summer 2019 Map Contest, Winter Storm BNE created by Nedro.



wintering. a few low games that day would be nice.

though i'm probably the only one that thinks so.

I'm thinking 1s, more normal tournament style.

One way to mix in low res would be that for any match, if either player wants low res, it will be low res. High will be the default unless low is requested. That should work, right?

of course! you can also designate certain rounds to low or certain games within "best of" rounds to low.

I also have to take into consideration how long a player might be able to play, both in terms of wrist and mental durability (when playing on maximum effort, as most do during special events) and also bedtimes for Euro/Rus players and work start times.

5-7 games is like a maximum. Low games take longer. 1s take longer than team games, often.

It shouldn't go on so long that people feel like they're being tortured lol.

yea that's very true about duration. i'm looking forward to it!

when is gow tourny??

Quote from mike on December 17, 2019, 1:31 pm

when is gow tourny??

When you host it I guess. When is that? How would you run it? ffa games or teams? 1s Ladder? Quarter, semi and final? I think you would have a better time to bring this to life if you presented a concepts ready to launch. I think you should put in a own thread instead of posting in everything else.

Keep this super exciting event on your MUST PLAY list!

Sunday, Feb. 16th at 2 pm EST

1v1 tournament on the cleverly crafted winning map from War2USA's 2019 Summer Map Contest:

Winter Storm BNE

Coming soon!

Sunday Feb. 16, 2020 2 PM EST

A Winter Storm 1v1 Tournament

Normal tournament style, to be fought exclusively on the winning map creation from our Summer 2019 Map Contest.

See you all there!

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