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YouTube Documentary Ban Failed: Borderless

I didn't find out this film had been censored until after I'd decided I wanted to watch it, but many people, according to the comments, decided to watch it because it had been censored by YouTube.

That girl is one of the bravest I've seen...I would never want to go to any of those countries. I used to think it would be cool to see lions and giraffes in the wilds of Africa, but I saw some at Busch Garden in Florida, and some of them probably ate my phone after it flew off on a ride. I didn't worry about getting shot on sight on the way out of the park.

Lauren Southern spent 4 months investigating the journey of people leaving and trying to leave non-European countries for Europe and she appears to have emerged from this project with a different outlook than she expected.

She interviews an olive farmer on the coast of Turkey who has grown olives for generations but who now has thousands of people going through his property on their quest for the sea and a better future. He no longer feels safe and carries a gun for protection on his own property.

A leader of planned group border storms involving fence-climbing is interviewed. Most of the men who plan to storm the border with him don't make it, he admits.

She talks to people who made it to migrant camps on the other side. Many of the people she films have scars from knife wounds from being attacked by other migrants while in these camps. The men say one of them was targeted for being an atheist.

One of the people who helps refugees enter European countries explains how she coaches migrants to act and to lie in order to gain entry.

Large numbers of migrants living in tents in places like Paris are disappointed that Europe did not turn out to be the paradise they were looking for, and find it impossible to get employment or housing with no papers.

One man said he missed home and wished he never left.

I didn't understand nor had I ever conceived of the layers of the issue that exist.

Lauren Southern reports on what she finds and just lays the story out there. She expressed a lot of compassion for the hardships many of the people were going through and seems to have been changed by her experience.

She herself says there is so much more gray than she expected.

It wasn't quite what I was expecting, but she told the story she found, not the one she expected to find.

The closing shot is one I'll never forget.

I think any person who watched this documentary and laid aside preconceived notions and labels for awhile and just followed the journey would find they have a lot to think about.