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Gran Hotel (Grand Hotel)

I've been watching a Netflix series called Gran Hotel, partly to help me with learning Spanish, but mostly because it's got me wanting to know what happens next!

It's in Spanish and I need the English subtitles so I have a clue what's going on.

The scenery, the acting, the costumes, are all so believable. I really feel like I'm transported to another time and place when I'm watching Gran Hotel.

You have kind of a lot of evil powerful characters who surround the main character, Julio, who travelled to the hotel where his sister used to work because he wanted to find out why she disappeared and stopped writing him letters. He passed himself off as a new waiter at the luxury hotel.

He soon started to suspect she had been murdered...he has a thing for the evil hotel owner's beautiful and sweet daughter, who did fall far from the tree. As upper class, she's out of his reach.

This is a very engaging show, and great if you're trying to learn Spanish.

Finally finished this show just days ago!

I'll reiterate the acting was fantastic, the characters believable and real, the costumes, scenery, and feel of the show really takes you away to long ago and far away.

There is constantly something going on. It's never boring. Admittedly, the amount of action and drama is slightly far fetched but we don't mind this when we are looking to be entertained.

I'm not sure why one of the most despicable characters gets away with everything, though.

And I loved listening to the Spanish. Most beautiful language in the world.

Sounds a bit telenovela style. Some of that stuff can be fun if it's done right.

I actually enjoyed the first few seasons of Jane the Virgin, which deliberately draws on (and also makes reference to) that style of production.

Despite the silly name it's actually a fun little show you might enjoy.

hf =D