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How I Started an Exercise Class by Accident

Yesterday was a crazy day.

There was a bright spot in the day, though.

I literally ran into an exercise class that started because of me, but I had no idea it was coming.

My kids are in soccer, and so while they are playing in the programs, I'd sort of taken to jogging around the perimeter of the open field to get some exercise in, sometimes adding crunches or stretches afterwards like last week.

The other moms would sit on the benches and chat.

Yesterday, as I was jogging around, I noticed some of the women congregating more or less directly in my running path.

They appeared to be...exercising in a circle.

As I approached at a jog, I queried, chuckling, "What is this, a free exercise class?"

Affirmative. I joined them. Two of the women took turns leading exercises. They told me they were inspired by me and what they'd seen me doing alone with the soccer time.

That all made me smile. Met some great, friendly new ladies, too. Now I'm sore from it, but a pleasant sore.

I told my husband about it, and he said to me, "Yeah, you just do whatever you want and others follow. People are drawn to you."

It drove two things home for me as well.

One is, people are watching you, even when you least expect it or have awareness of it.

And the second is that even one person can make a difference.