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I Challenge You to Sharkfight

This is the new thread for public challenges to players above you on the Sharkfight Leaderboard.

The new anti-dodging rule will prevent players from getting to the top of the Sharkfight Ladder and then dodging all subsequent challenges and keeping the spot blocked forever.

The anti-dodging rule: A player can issue a public challenge on this I Challenge You to a Sharkfight thread to a player above them on the Sharkfight Leaderboard. The challenged player has 3 months from the date of the post in which to complete a Sharkfight versus that challenger, or the challenger will trade positions on the board with the challenged player. The challenger must then demonstrate that they are indeed available to play at such times that work for the challenged player. If the challenger has not demonstrated availability on server to actually follow through on carrying out the Sharkfight, this rule will be nullified for that challenge, so a challenger can't just issue a challenge and disappear.

You can only issue this challenge to a player above you on the Sharkfight Leaderboard, not a player below you.

The purpose of this rule is to prevent stagnation and clogged spots on the board where people can't possibly climb because those in the spots have vanished or become unavailable to game. Attempts to abuse this rule will result in ferocity.

I challenge CaptainKurtz. You have 3 months to complete a Sharkfight with me or we trade places on ladder on August 11, 2020 at 10:47 am.

I'm available to play more evenings of EST than not.

np me too i challenge im avalable evenings east time after 5pm np