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I used to watch movies (until I mostly watched W2!)

The last few years I've seen relatively movies or shows since I've played W2 and watched W2 instead. I used to collect movie ticket stubs and had a pretty stuffed envelope full of em. The writing on them faded and not long ago, I threw it out.

I think the vast majority of movies made today are utter garbage, but the ones that aren't...can be a pretty magical journey to another universe.

I'll share some movies I thought were well done, interesting, thought-provoking, have engaging characters, take you on an emotional journey, are larger than life, or were just a plain good time and some laughs. If a movie accomplishes most of the above, what else could it be but a true classic?

Titanic (1997) and Ben Hur (1959) are two of these.

They tied for most Academy Awards won for a movie (11), along with 2003's Lord of the Rings: Return of the King.

I'll start telling you what I love about these movies in the near future.


In my case could be" a pretty magical journey to another universe" when Italy team plays soccer at the World Cup  XD.

I got to like soccer when I was asked to be a coach (slash babysit) for a kids soccer camp, which I did for several summers awhile back. The coaches sometimes played with each other after the camp ended, and that was fun in spite of how much I sucked, hah.

Gotta admit I'm not hugely into watching professional televised sports and would rather watch someone I know play in real life or kick the ball around myself. 🙂

Do you play?

I played soccer 11 vs 11 and futsal 5vs5 (still playing).

I liked to watch also the matches of my friends, TV usually only when the

national team plays the world cup. I stopped rooting AC Milan after a big shame

defeat with a weak team xD.

Which sport/game do you like to play?

I already told you this in Discord awhile back, but I've really grown fond of tennis. I'm taking lessons and really enjoying that. Got yelled at by a coach recently cuz I guess he'd given me the same advice numerous times and I was still ignoring it, hah. I think I got it now lol.

I think soccer would be fun to play too. I enjoyed the few times I played casually with family or others.

I was gonna write about Ben Hur.

Ben Hur is an epic film starring Charlton Heston, who was one of the biggest celeb crushes I had in my life. I wrote him a letter when I was 13. He was like 80 years old by then and my brothers laughed at me a lot. I was really excited when he wrote back. He also sent me some CD's. He's dead now, but he was a real man, a good honest man. He was married once, to one woman for his whole life. Character like his is rare these days, especially in celebrities.

The movie Ben Hur, set 2000 years ago, starts with childhood playmates Judah and Messala's joyful reunion as good friends. A real bond of friendship between two men is a beautiful thing. Sadly, that friendship was going to be crushed. Messala asked Judah to be an informant and betray his own people. Judah refused.

As the Roman army paraded by Judah's house, his sister accidentally knocks down a loose roof tile which falls and ends up killing the governor. Judah tells the Roman soldiers who immediately invade his house that he did it and that it was an accident. They arrest Judah as well as his mother and sister anyway.

Messala, who is in charge of the Roman army, goes to the rooftop to investigate the roof tiles and finds they are indeed loose all around. He knows what happened was an accident.

But he sentences his friend Judah to slavery in the galleys anyway, normally a death sentence. His mother and sister are thrown into a dungeon.

As the audience, you also are left wondering how someone could do something like that. The early part of the film portrays him as a close family friend, and you see them smiling and talking with each other. You trust him, too. You really feel the betrayal of Judah and his family.

The story continues and you'll have to watch the movie to get the rest of the story, but I will say this is one of the best movies ever made.

On a scale of grandeur, it's hard to beat. The story is epic. The character of Judah is unforgettable.

You can go on a journey of betrayal, tragedy, despair, and find something that transcends all earthly pain and loss.


Not rare for a celebrity to be married to 1 all life...  Denzel is married to same woman all his life, he makes the best speeches of all time and he is best actor of all time and he gives much money to poor people and to his church.

Lol most celebrities marry many times.

They even write articles about it np.