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Lest We Forget

Even though the freedoms we enjoy in North America are under attack, we still enjoy a lot of freedom here.

Our way of life didn't appear free, cheap, or easy. It was fought for.

The moment we stop valuing what we have is the moment we start losing it. And sadly, it's already happening.

Free speech is under attack. Freedom of religion is under attack. The value of human life is under attack. Values that protect vulnerable lives like the very old and the very young have been eroded away. It's no paradise we live in. But compared to most countries in the world, it looks like paradise.

Remembering the blood that paved the way to nations that still have an awful lot of things to be thankful for is one thing that will not only honor those brave enough to fight to the death to protect what they loved, but also hopefully keep history from repeating itself.

We want peace. We want freedom. We've been given a precious gift in having the amount of peace and freedom we do have today.

I thank you from my heart to those who sacrificed their own lives to preserve the lives and safety and futures of others.

My words come from one who has never seen battle, never carried the fallen off the battlefield like my grandfather had to as a young teenager, never held my hand over a loved one's casket who died in battle, so let's take in and ponder the words of one who was there.

I share the classic poem by John McCrae below.



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