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SHARKFIGHTS! 10 Map 1v1 Series

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Completed Sharkfight series 4 vs LordVaras and reclaimed my position above him on Sharkfight Leaderboard! Good games!

New Sharkfight started Dr-Orc vs ring62! Check here to see details.

A Sharkfight has been completed within the last few days between BabyShark and He-Man; He-Man has climbed above BabyShark on the ladder as a result. Baby plans to take it back with the next series!

A new Sharkfight has been started between BabyShark and Mad-Luster77.

Megalodon has been issued a challenge to which he has 3 months to defend his position expiring January 15th which will result in BabyShark swapping places if he declines battle. He currently holds the #2 spot on Sharkfight ladder but has been inactive for quite some time.


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