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The Greatest Showman

I can't believe it took me this long to see @ring62's favorite movie that he's been advertising for as long as I can remember.

Honestly, I wasn't expecting much. I already had a favorite circus movie (The Greatest Show on Earth produced by Cecil B. Demille with one of my favorite actors, Charlton Heston). I was skeptical that another movie could compare to it.

The newer film is very, very different from the oldie. It isn't trying to be a remake.

I was pleasantly surprised, first by the richness of the visuals onscreen, and second, the charm of the characters in spite of their limited verbiage, and third, by hearing one of the best movie soundtracks I've ever heard. I fell in love with the music. Most of it I never heard before, with the exception of A Million Dreams. Now I listen to it every day all day!

Somehow, even though the talking is limited, you still get pulled into the character stories.

The music scenes are spectacular. Tightrope by Michelle Wiliams and Never Enough by Jenny Lind and Rewrite the Stars by Zac Efron and Zandaya are the most impressively done songs in movies I've seen, ever. I'm bewildered how they manage to be singing perfectly while swinging around upside down on ropes in perfect harmony.

The onscreen romance between those two characters had zero development at all. They just look at each other and suddenly are in love without ever even talking once.

But their flying in the sky scene was mesmerizing all the same. Interestingly, Efron described his kiss with his co-star in this film as his best on screen kiss of his entire career.

I love Charity. She's a rare feminine character who embraces love, family, and children, and Michelle Williams is gloriously and radiantly beautiful in Greatest Showman. Her smile and joy feel completely real. Her singing is beyond gorgeous. She embodies female perfection here.

Hugh Jackman's character is the flawed one. He is charming and winsome, but gets lost in his quest for stardom, praise, and fame.

There is thought food in this melange as well, on themes like the way we treat other people based on our value judgements in appearance, intelligence, wealth, fame, and power.

I didn't expect to enjoy this movie nearly as much as I did.

One of the ways I rate how good a movie is is with the simple question, "Would you watch it again?"

Here, the answer is a resounding, "YES!"

lolll np not my favourite movie but its good movie yup indeed 8/10 i give

yeah my top movies are

1- the equalizer ,

2- training day- ( oscar with bad role by Denzel) ,

3- southpaw -Jake is good actor

4- warrior (2011) -great story in there probably best story in a movie

5- braveheart - cause great story also and great actor

6- hacksaw Ridge - very good movie very intertaining

7 - Heat - Robert de niro and al pacino such a performance!!

8- Rocky - a real classic who doesnt like rocky lol



yeah forgot to put rankings on those movies but they are on top yeah

Equalizer 9.7/10

training day 9.6/10

southpaw 9.4/10

warrior 9.7/10

braveheart 9.6/10

hacksaw ridge 9.5/10

heat 9.6/10

rocky 9.2/10



the equalizer has the best soundracks i heard from a movie

like this 1 for example!!!!



mel gibson getting really old

People get old. It happens. It might even happen to you if you don't die first.

Denzel is 65 np