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War2 Grand Composite Map

Recently @lambchops and I were discussing the idea of composite images applied to War2. What terrain layouts and starting spot schemes might War2 players enjoy the most? If you like the same kinds of maps I do then this image is obviously more useful to you.

Here are 90 maps in 1. All are a variety 128x128 maps I deemed worth playing converted to Wasteland. Maybe 12 are created by @moriouce I'd guess. I changed some light levels and contrast of the image. I have other images with different filters, lighting, and 30 maps but these are probably the best few.

Make sure to raise your brightness and zoom in to savor the details.

Note the prominent four corners, tree/sea edges in the frame, and faint circle around the center. There is a super dark area at 1 o'clock we rarely lay dirt. Some of the brightest spots are paths that lead from one corner to another or one corner to the middle. What can you find?

This is a great way to look for common features between maps. As said, this represent the majority of maps.

Would be an intresting challange to build a map which very much would be an inverted picture of this.

Thanks @nedro and @lambchops !

@Moriouce requested I make a composite for water maps only. He kept furiously yelling over and over, "Do it now! Do it now!" His tone made a lot of sense after viewing his profile picture. 🤷‍♂️

I chose 45 128s and 9 96s. Again all converted to Wasteland tileset. The image below turned out the best.

Here are a few alternates :



It looks really cool but I'm wondering like...can you *play* on it? Or is it just a decoration?

It could definitely be playable if recreated on a normal map which I think @moriouce has done as well as the inverse of these images. Perhaps at some point I will take a stab at it if I can come up with something original too.

The experiment was simply to see if maybe we could gather anything about what we play or what we like to play. When I zoomed in and took a hard look I found some interesting things of which I 'd have to zoom in again to name more that aren't listed above. I wouldn't say it was incredibly fruitful but still fun as a player, mapmaker, and analytics enthusiast.

As a curious person I love answering questions I have like GOW win% by starting spot. Some of these adventures end up more conclusive than others. One conclusion I have drawn from the composite work is I would enjoy seeing and playing a few more asymmetrical maps. Another, perhaps we could use more rock that isn't decorative for our larger land maps. I only know it on AYN, for that matter, HSC the only large sea. Rock encourages the usage of saps which encourages fliers etc eventually allowing for a different kind of experience.  Mazes and bays encourage fliers too.

I enjoy that the first image in the thread basically represents everything I play within the game. 🙂

The images are definitely decoration/art too. Someone wanted to print it out and frame it.

Atleast I have some sketches done based on these composites. One sea map is almost done.