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Welcome to War2USA New Joiners and Goals 2020!!


I want to set a goal for new-to-USA players for 2020, but everyone's already here lol.

So getting new players now is going to largely involve actually finding people who are not currently Warcraft 2 addicts and helping them fall in love with the game.

We are up for the challenge!

Goal for 2020 is 50 players who haven't played on War2USA before! And most of them will have to come from nowhere.

We are already off to a fine start! Welcome to the best Warcraft 2 server in the world, ffasonly! You will love it here 🙂

1. ffasonly

2. Gyrhawk

3. mAKt

4. OldSchoolW2 (gotta double check his actual screenname hah) but he played first time Jan 12th! Welcome from Twitch at long last!! =D

5. tk[as]

6. rareskills

7. Chrisolo (Moriouce's friend)

I think i jsut got an account??? thanks BS

Welcome aboard, @ffasonly ! Also welcome, UK_Restless!

8. UK_Restless

Two more new guys joined today who know each other! Wonderful to see so many new people coming! Good games guys!

9. Gaybe

10. TheRealSlabo

Wow, 10 new people before January is over. I am happy! 🙂



11. Mike007
12. Torneko
13. xXxSmeagolxXx

14. Badito

15. Erikt77

I feel like there have been more but I'm forgetting to add!

16. Maxlaxs

Welcome @maxlaxs

You're invited to join our Discord also. 🙂