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Welcome to War2USA

The reason for the existence of War2USA is very simple.

Warcraft 2 is an awesome game.

We want a fun, friendly place to play the awesome game where there is a Code of Conduct to make it the kind of place a broad range of people want to be, from ages 13 - 113, and it would be great to have the kind of place where girls can come back to the game or discover it for the first time and get treated as human beings.

Most of us who started playing at War2USA emerged from the Russian server (which came after other servers like the original BNet followed by Kali, Kahn, Zone, which I never knew about at the time they were running). The Russian server was essentially a cess pool of corrupt and apathetic leadership where blatant racism, death threats, harassment (sexual and otherwise), and banning visitors and newcomers is routine. The unjust treatment of users was also a blaring problem, where ridiculously vitriolic and horribly behaved users were tolerated and embraced, and innocent users were penalized and banned without warning at the whims of the leadership who readily admitted to having no moral standards of right and wrong.

The scenario lost its appeal.

But the game Warcraft 2 never did. It's an awesome game. And there is a better way to take the game to the future. Every person is a human being and should be treated as such, whether they are male or female, or whether they are brand new to the game or have played for decades.

Of course, the desire to have a friendly, fun, and better place to play won't be simple to achieve, and once the server becomes more crowded, there will likely be times when tricky situations present themselves and finding the best and most fair solutions will take effort. Just because something isn't always easy doesn't mean it should be scrapped altogether in favor of "anything goes".

The goal of games is to have fun, and that's what we want to bring back to Warcraft 2. Fun, smiles, laughs, a place to relax and enjoy yourself.

@magpie Welcome to War2USA 🙂

@lordvaras Welcome to the War2USA Forum! Took you long enough. 😉

Warcraft 2 Intro Remake XXI century

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Russia looks world from future. big data is peace data

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Russia looks world from future. big data is peace data

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Russia looks world from future. big data is peace data