War2USA 4 Year Anniversary TONIGHT Sept. 24th!

Everyone is invited to our 4 Year Anniversary Party TONIGHT at War2USA! We will have a great time playing Warcraft 2, including Moriouce’s brand new 4 Year Anniversary map made especially for this occasion! Thanks to Moriouce for creating yet another beautiful work of art for our community to enjoy, in addition to the 114 maps he’s made since War2USA’s inception. View Moriouce’s maps HERE.

Tournament 1st Place Ragner, 2nd FFasAlways, 3rd TGS

Thank you all for coming to play in the Fun Four Map FFA Tournament! I need to rework the point system for next time because a lot of players got no points and I hoped everyone would at least get some. 😂 The warriors who collected some points at this event are listed below. Click here to go to the Twitch stream of the Fun Four Map FFA Tournament.

Round 1 – Shadowvine Forest – Point Totals:
Ragner 35
LordVaras 12
FFasAlways 9
Danny 2
Round 2 – All You Need – Point Totals:
FFasAlways 34
Ragner 14
LordVaras 4
NewbieNr1 3
Round 3 – Raudrserpent – Point Totals:
Ragner 29
TGS 11
BabyShark 5
NewbieNr1 4
LordVaras 3
Round 4 – Arctic Wheel – Point Totals:
Ragner 28
TGS 15
NewbieNr1 7
BabyShark 2

Ragner 106
FFasAlways 43
TGS 26
LordVaras 19
NewbieNr1 14
BabyShark 7
Danny 2

Fun Four Map FFA Tournament June 11th

This first-of-its kind event will feature a Free-For-All style setup but with the twist of a point system to reward performance rather than just wins, since we all know how FFA games can end up. So there will be points awarded for most kills, most gold, eliminating other players, as well as for placing last, second last, and so on.

Plan to join in the excitement on Saturday June 11th, 2022 at 2 pm EDT!