Late Friday Night (Saturday Aug. 15, 2:30 am EST)!! Ragner and Dr-Orc face off in 10 Map 1s Series!!

Dr-Orc is War2USA’s reigning undefeated champion and Ragner was recently #1 on ladder at ru server, and now we are going to get to watch them battle it out in an epic Sharkfight series!! 1v1, 10 maps!

Winner gets $175 USD prize
Other player gets $50 USD for participating in this exciting series.

I plan to live stream this super exciting series at

I can’t wait to watch! It’s a Warcraft 2 fan dream come true!

War2USA 2nd Anniversary Sept. 24, 2020!! Plan to log in with us!

War2USA is approaching its second anniversary!!

It’s been a fantastic journey. I want to thank everyone who helps keep War2USA going, and all the players who keep coming to make it the best place on earth to play our favorite game ever, Warcraft 2!

Everyone plan to log in on September 24th in the evening and let’s see if we can beat our record for players logged in at once!

You are all awesome and appreciated!

Long live Warcraft 2 and War2USA!

International Warcraft League (by Incos) Clans now Assigned!! Exciting news! Starting soon!

Looking forward to game assignments and more details from Incos regarding the International Warcraft League! Battles starting soon! Apparently last-minute sign ups are still allowed, but I believe we have surpassed 20 participants, which is fantastic. Way to go, Incos! 🙂

This is super exciting and Incos, you’ve done a fantastic job organizing this and putting it all together! I’m excited!

Check International Warcraft League website here!