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BabyShark vs Ragner Sharkfight Games 1-3 Played Dec. 13th, 2019 12-1 am EST
Game 4 played Dec. 15, 2019

Rose Petal (BS pick)
GOW (Ragner pick)
Gold Rush (BS pick)
GSEPS (Ragner pick)
Honey Swamp (BS pick)
X Marks the Spot (Ragner pick)
Party at Midnight (BS pick)
NWTR (Ragner pick)
Blood in the Arctic (BS pick)
GWN (Ragner pick)

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Dangerous Territory 2 Games

Game 1

MrTheKing and Lost~One vs BabyShark and Nedro (jawdropping performance from MrTheKing, cannot believe we lost that)

Game 2

I forget teams.

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ragner ring foc

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x marks

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nedro vs babyshark sharkfights with same faction agreements

winter storm low

four is a crowd high

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We played 3 games but I can't seem to find the 3rd.



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Sharkfight Games

BabyShark vs Dr-Orc

A comment about games vs Dr-Orc. He allowed me to pick maps as often as I liked, so I picked nearly all of our 1s maps. He often played completely brand new maps he'd never seen before blind. I don't know any other player who is comfortable and fearless doing that.

The last replay, the 13th one "DreamscapewDrOrc" is actually a team game which I realized once I turned on the replay, but couldn't figure out how to remove the game from here. There does not appear to be a "remove" button anywhere, which is weird.

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