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SHARKFIGHTS! 10 Map 1v1 Series


This growing new fun series is gaining popularity as more players start 1v1 series with each other.

There's a Sharkfight page showing the current Sharkfights including players, scores, and videos of games played.

I'm thinking that the Sharkfight leaderboard #1 player will become the Champion for a special Sharkfight Champion event in the future, once more of the series complete and so on.

The rules are each player picks 5 maps, same map (including variants like BNE and .pud versions of the same map) only once per series, and all games are played one peon start, EF, and with no altered map or unit properties (like pball or chop madd). Map picker also chooses res and tileset (should they desire to select a special tileset which most people don't). So chop no farms on EF would be allowed, chop farms would not (since not 1 peon start).

Really enjoyed it so far. If you're thinking about starting one of these, just let me know and I'll set you up a page, and please do bring Insight replays or other recordings so they can be added to your Sharkfight pages.

I was just gonna post the Sharkfight game replays on the pages where they go, but realized there's no way for people to know when new ones are posted if I don't post them in here too. Cuz there's no "new video" notification on the web pages.

I'll start posting new Sharkfights in this thread also. Here are some from the last few days.

New videos BabyShark vs He-Man Sharkfight

New Sharkfights started!

MiSery vs ~Stylebender

BabyShark vs randompeasant

New Sharkfights have been added! Start one yourself!

Check the Sharkfight page!

Find an opponent at our friendly and fun Discord!

Record the game on Insight/Warvideo/Stream and have both parties agree to count each game for the Sharkfight series and it will be valid for the Sharkfight ladder!

Can YOU get to the top?

The idea of Sharkfights was for the purpose of devising our own sort of ladder system, a ranking system where we can fight for the top spots, and to encourage 1s games and playing greater variety from the enormous and growing map pool we have been gifted.

As more and more of them are being started, it's not realistic for me to stream them all, so instead, a Replay Library has been created where Sharkfight Insight replays can be posted to share.

Visit the library, post replays, start Sharkfights, get to the top of the ladder! IF YOU CAN!


Congratulations, @ring62 has moved up the Sharkfight Leaderboard by defeating @lordvaras 7-3 in a Sharkfight.

Congratulations @ragner has entered the Sharkfight Leaderboard by defeating BabyShark 8-2 in a Sharkfight.

Congratulations, @IbeCroM has been entered into the Sharkfight Leaderboard after a Sharkfight against BabyShark with a better score than LordVaras or ring62, so has slid in above them at #5. GGs!

Everyone is encouraged to complete their Sharkfights before the end of the year, since I plan to memorialize the Sharkfight Leaderboard at the end of every year to get annual snapshots of it as it changes and expands.

I'm very excited about the Sharkfight Ladder and love seeing so many people playing so many different maps in 1s and seeing all kinds of exciting fresh action between players rather than just GOW forever and ever. 😉

Keep it up, guys!

New Sharkfights starting BabyShark vs Incos

Continuing disgruntled vs ring62
BabyShark vs Megalodon
BabyShark vs Nedro
Lots more, don't always remember to update this thread with stuff, but check out the Sharkfight Leaderboard page with links to all the ongoing sharkfights! Sharkfight games also have replays or Youtube videos going along with them so you can actually watch the games that took place yourself.

Congratulations, Megalodon. Megalodon has entered the Sharkfight Leaderboard with an impressive 10-0 score beating me on 10 different maps, earning him position #2 between #1 Dr-Orc and #3 Ragner. GGS!

2nd Sharkfight Series BabyShark vs Megalodon started tonight also, with both agreeing to play humans only on all games. So far did Fields of Grass KPUD and Mr. Bean.

Moriouce and ring62 have started a new Sharkfight!

Check out their score here!