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SHARKFIGHTS! 10 Map 1v1 Series

Another completed Sharkfight! Ragner won 10-0 on 2nd series vs BabyShark.

Congratulations, TOFU! TOFU has completed a Sharkfight, owning me 8-2 (@!!!!!) and is now ranked #4 on Sharkfight Leaderboard!

Congratulations, @ring62

Ring has finally defeated me, reversing our former scores in our 3rd Sharkfight series 7-3 and has climbed above me on the Sharkfight Leaderboard.

What happened to newbie ring? Well done, ring! 🙂

Congratulations @ring62 on beating TOFU and moving up to position #4 on the Sharkfight Leaderboard!

Ring is now above myself, TOFU, and He-Man who sit at spots 5, 6, and 7 respectively.

Also a new Sharkfight has been started between Megalodon and Moriouce!

Also a reminder about the new anti-dodging rule that has been added to the Sharkfight ladder rules! You can challenge someone above you on the ladder after which they have 3 months to complete a Sharkfight or else will trade places on the Sharkfight Leaderboard with the challenger. More info can be found at the bottom of the Sharkfight Leaderboard page.

Congratulations, He-Man, on winning a Sharkfight series and climbing a bunch of spots on the ladder to above ring62, securing #4 spot on War2USA Sharkfight Leaderboard!

Click to view He-Man vs ring62 series scores and check out replays.

Also, a new Sharkfight started between ring62 and RockOn.


Congratulations, LordVaras won a 10 game 1v1 Sharkfight Series vs BabyShark with a score of 6-4 and has moved up the ladder to spot 7.

This is the 3rd series between Varas/Baby and a fourth is already underway. GG's @lordvaras


Congratulations @ring62 won a 10 game 1v1 Sharkfight Series vs BabyShark with a score of 7-3. Ring has now achieved more wins than losses on the Sharkfight Leaderboard! Nice job, ring. Ring is one of the most improved players in a short amount of time I've seen. His time at USA server has turned him into a versatile, multi-faceted beast who fears no map and no opponent. Ring may easily become one of the best Warcraft 2 players in the future at this rate.

This is the 4th series between ring/Baby. GGs ring.

Uploaded files:

New Sharkfights started between ring62 and RockOn and between BabyShark and RobinHood.

Welcome, at last, disgruntled, to the Sharkfight Leaderboard after completing his first entire Sharkfight vs BabyShark! He has some other Sharkfights under way vs other players as well. Exciting stuff.

Congratulations, CaptainKurtz has climbed way up the Sharkfight Leaderboard, our 1v1 10 Map Series ladder by beating ring62 7-3 in their first series.

He is now in position 4 after Dr-Orc, Megalodon, and Ragner.


Congratulations @ring62 on beating your previous Sharkfight score against LordVaras with your new score of 8-2!

Nice improvement!