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The Human Mage Discussion


The mage is probably my favorite unit as well. I like the way the unit works in conjunction with peons. The two have a synergistic relationship due to the defensive must-seal quality of the race. They can work together to contain an opponent as well. I also enjoy grunts and catapults. Imagine how much more one-dimensional War2 would be without catapults. Guard towers win for best value in the game.

Have you read -Kith-Kanin-'s human guide? It's decent though definitely full of "if he does this then you just do this it's easy." lol. The guide doesn't state it's meant for Maze. Kith was one of the better human players.

Would you be open to a War2 USA with thoughtful changes made to improve Humans?

I am open to exploring possibilities for making humans better.

The subject needs to be approached a certain way to make it something embraced by the community rather than something that causes division or ditchers.

It would need to be a series of discussions, followed by periods of testing, with further discussion and testing until the community finds something that feels comfortable and inviting. Changes should never be forced on people.

I think making human knights more powerful somehow than pre-ogremage ogres is an avenue worth pursuing.

Some testing can happen by adjusting amounts on maps, which can be done by anyone at anytime.

I made a map awhile back that made paladins and rangers super strong...but it was a bit much...ridiculous level. They could kill everything too fast. But it can be fun to play around with the settings. Just people have been playing this game for soooo long. It's hard to make any changes without ruffling some feathers.

Anyone who has suggestions to try should share them with the community and we can try them out and see what everyone thinks.

I don't think I've read Kith Kanin's guide.

I'm hoping to kind of produce a guide for beginners from my own imagination, possibly with some discussion and input from other current users, and maybe consult other sources later for things I missed. I want it to have its own flavor and perspective and not have other people's material rolling around in my brain.

But if someone else wants to submit strategy articles they wrote, or links to others, those are most welcome. I could even add it to the Links page.

I too like the idea of buffing the Keep stage for Knights. It would do all sorts of things for 25-45k start mines like s9. It certainly could be a lengthy project to take on. Good news is I do think USA players are open-minded.

I reread Kith's guide, you're not missing out.

Well, for you who have played Frozen Shores on my settings might have noticed it but my statchanges are a buff to knights. Before lust, knights are superior to ogres and with the orks weaker towers the offensive human can realy win the game by using this.

Another thing you could do to help is to make a longer Keep stage. Higher cost and build time for fortress and fortress stage buildings etc. This also come into play on my settings as all magic and upgrades takes more time and many cost more. So knights are slightly better than ogres and you have more time to exploit this before lust.

But even after lust, knight are still better than unlusted ogre-mages so you realy need to pick your battles.

I also plan to make a video on the human mage. Just I have ideas and plans coming out of my ears and most of my free time now goes to playing actual games, heh.

Making vids materialize takes significant time in creating and editing, even if they are somewhat basic. But I plan to get more videos done eventually.

If other USA players or fans want to make instructional or W2 discussion vids, feel free to do so and share them with our community.

just play orcs like everyone good?