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Please vote for your favorite maps!! (Up to 5 votes per person)
A Continent Between by Moriouce
Colonies by Moriouce
Nine of Square by Moriouce
Islands of War by Moriouce
Thread of Destiny by Moriouce
Abysmal Lake by PrinceValiant
The Cold Place by PrinceValiant
The Warm Place by PrinceValiant
The Warm Place 2 by PrinceValiant
The Wasted Place by PrinceValiant
The Hand by BabyShark
Drowning Forest by BabyShark
Lambchops' Birthday Map by BabyShark
Daisy Chain by BabyShark
Dreamscape by BabyShark
Winter Storm BNE by Nedro
Graveyard BNE by DeathKnight~
Mazerivers by Captain Pollution
Expansion Masters by Captain Pollution
Death Island X by Captain Pollution
No Hope Winterfield by Captain Pollution
Swamp of Rage by Captain Pollution
Domino by easycompany
Soldiers by ring62
Blood Moon by Incos
Arctic Archipello 1.1 by frontliner2
Bloodbath 1.3 by frontliner2
Batalla de Europa by LordVaras
South America by LordVaras and SirClenfle

The War2USA Summer 2019 Map Contest brought in so many fresh maps...and some of the mapmakers enjoyed themselves so much that they continued to be fruitful even after the entry deadline, producing plentiful new stomping grounds for War2USA players. Click the underlined link to visit the contest page and see pictures of all the map entries as well as a video that highlights the wonderful new productions gifted to all of us.

I am declaring Moriouce the official 1st year of War2USA Mapmaker of the Year for the sheer number of gorgeous and unique maps he created for Warcraft 2 fans to enjoy in such a short span of time.

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But let's find out who wins this particular contest!

The goal of this contest was to spark creativity and have many minds bring ideas to the table and the response from the community was absolutely fantastic. So many splendid concepts were molded into beautiful puds that add new adventure and excitement to the world of Warcraft 2 we all enjoy!

I again want to thank every member who submitted maps and enlarged the map pool for the future of this game! Long live W2!

Please browse the contest entry map pictures and cast your votes for your favorites!

Up to 5 votes per person.


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  • mapmakeroftheyear2019.jpg

Voting will be closing November 2nd. Anyone who hasn't yet voted should do so now!

Let's hear it for all the entrants! Thank you to the Academy for the votes and enjoy the map. Special thank you to Lambchops for the tools that allowed to look at this map various ways.

Keep grillin,


I should have also posted it here but I posted it on the main page heh.

Nedro's entry Winter Storm BNE won this contest with the most votes!

NJ Nedro. Everyone loves your maps.

Winter Storm BNE

I love that this map will take some "getting to know" to master. There's a lot there. Complex is exciting.

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  • WinterXStormXBNE.jpg

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