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Maps by Moriouce

Three new maps ready for the rumble. Each for 8 players.

Bergtagen Battle rages around two great mountains.

Elivágar This water map takes place on a great river. The name comes from a river in Norse Mythology.

Ziggurath 100 gold mines! Very symetrical map where each layer is divided by narrow woods.

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Thanks for sharing the new maps @moriouce

I've tried these three, I think at least twice each. If I can find a replay, I'll post it to the Replay Library.

Edit* Hmm, okay I just looked and didn't find any...thought I recorded some of those games hah. Maybe I was streaming, can't remember!

Two new maps are ready to be uploaded here. One, Uplift.pud, I started on some time ago and felt like it was missing something. But I can't find what it is so I've decided to release it. The other is a brand new creation.

Uplift An asymetric landmap where a rock face split the map in two, there is only a few narrow passages across and places easily sapped to create more openings.

Rockin' Rocks A very symetrical map instead, heavily inspired by Zones. But this one is smaller and thin rockwalls divide the players.

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Cloverfield can be played at any setting. A 1v1 can be anything from a intense neighbor war to an extensive expo war. 2v2 can be played on fixed order for teams to start together. The mines go from 25k to 35k (start) up to 50k (middle). Wallins are possible at the starts but most expos can't be walled that easily. The map is quite easy to navigate north to south but east to west need to use the central corridor. Hope you like it!

Updated 24/5.

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Here it is. The blessed Child of FOC and HSC. My bad handwriting gave it the name Ottshove Buttie.

Ottshove Buttie (Offshore Battle) Battle outside the coastline among the islands. Some 2 peon hops are possible around the map. Aswell as places for hidden foundrys and where the water buildnings can block juggs from reaching to far inland.

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New map!

Covenant This is the big brother of Critter Attack!  Each start got two mines with a bit varied amount of gold but the grand total to each landmass is 60k.

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Shaft This map belongs in the same family as All you Need, Mud in your Eye and Swamp Blossom. Though on Shaft you'll have further and further to your gold. Note that you need to run out into the open to start your Hall.

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Arctic Wheel is the extension of Blood in the Arctic. All start realy tight in the center of the map but with good options to expand or move all together to the outer expansions.

Ardrock is a sister map to Four is a Crowd.

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9xH 100% Juggwars

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