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Maps by Moriouce

Blood in the Artic is an intence 2-8 player map. Will you be the one who breaks the wheel?

Eight Ball Battle your enemy around a twisted mountain ridge.

Frozen River is a small battle across the ice on a small brook.

Minor Crossroad Fight along the paths or in the woods.

Minor Valley Fight in a winding valley.

Tiny Swamp Battle across a troublesome swamp.

Bay of Pico The small Bay of Pico is rich in oil and worth it’s toll.

Down by the River The small river flows through a valley where there is only one way down and one way up.

Watery End is a small water map for 2-4 players.

Four is a Crowd These lands ain't big enough for four lords.

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Good Job man 😀

Quote from StellarDefense on August 18, 2019, 8:48 am

Good Job man 😀

Thanks alot!

Three new maps again!

North Sea A water maps with three expos in the middle.

Thule Atoll In the center of this frozen atoll lies great riches but oil is only found in the deep waters outside.

Lake Side Walk Around the lake of Gar'tar lives eight lords with ambition. But the safety of the lands is deciving.

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Wow, those 2 bottom ones look amazing!! I wanna try them both asap!!

How do you come up with all this??

Quote from BabyShark on August 20, 2019, 11:54 am

Wow, those 2 bottom ones look amazing!! I wanna try them both asap!!

How do you come up with all this??

Well inspiration are everywhere. Thule Atoll is inspired by the map Atoll from Total Annihilation and Lake Side Walk is acctualy inspired by A Cold Place by @PrinceValiant. There is a trick I think can be game winning on this map if it is pulled right.

Tomorrow I’ll have time to get this thread up to date after the crash. Some of the maps have had updates and I’ll point out which. All this along with a fresh new map; 8th Lake.

We are excited and appreciate your thoughtful voluminous work 🙂

On good way to restore all files that disapeared. Here is a list of updated Maps that you might wanna download if you have the old version.

Arena by Moriouce: Slightly different resourses and less upgrade and build time.
Frozen Shores: Cost increase to spell upgrades.
Over the Hills and Far Away: More space to build for a few starter pos.
Regions: Wider paths to make navigation easier.
Valley: 8 players instead of 7.
Troy’s Walls: 8 players instead of 7.

Castles In this once serene land rule eight lords that has come to despise eachother. By alliance and deciet you need to learn who is fit to rule supreme. Play it Melee I think to start with a few towers and a Castle from start.

Twin Peninsula This 2 player map is larger than the sum of it's parts but there are some shortcuts and tricks to use. There are some towers for each tower from start so run it as you wish.

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