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I Capture the Castle (2003)

I had no idea the movie was so old since it just appeared on the video site I subscribe to recently.

This movie made me mad. It was confusing, it was depressing, and it made me mad lol!

The main character has a gorgeous long time best friend in love with her and she's too obtuse to recognize he's the best thing for her and he genuinely loves her. Made me so mad!

How can she not recognize that she already had more than she deserved in him all along as her head is turned by men like her sister's fiancé?

It's hard to understand how people can be motivated to behave in the ways the people in this film do.

I had to crinkle my forehead a lot for this one.

No interest in watching it again. Ever.

Good visuals like costumes, close-ups, scenery, and good acting but I don't like the characters except for her best friend guy that she treats like garbage and that made me not like her very much.

Can't recommend this one, not even to bored elderly retired women.

They'll have less fury and as good a time if they watch commercials.