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Love Again

The basis for this movie is that a guy gets a new work phone and starts getting text messages that are grief catharsis for a woman whose almost-fiancé died tragically.

The premise is very intriguing and the grief of loss is something I fully understand and empathize with. Years ago, I did the exact same thing, since pain has to go somewhere, and pushing it into words and sending it away is a coping mechanism.

This held the promise of being an engrossing story of a lost loved one and healing and new life.

It just didn't live up to what I hoped it would be.

There was no chemistry and every awkward interaction felt scripted and forced during their several dates. Modern "relationships" complete with acting married with a complete stranger just make no sense to me, especially when you then act like the person "owes" you something after a couple of dates just because you copulated.

Her reaction to his omission seemed unnecessarily nasty with no chance for him to explain, and "never call me again". That would be a pattern for every infraction, walling out and walking out, not really something that suggests long term relationship success.

In order to be with her, he has to grovel, agree to do the dishes and cook for life "because she can't".

Anyone who can read and push a few buttons like "Bake" and "3-5-0" and hold a knife without stabbing themselves should be able to cook by following a recipe, so there is no legitimate excuse of "I don't know how to cook" or "I can't cook". It just means "I won't cook and I expect everyone else to do all the work and serve me for life while I provide nothing".

A man acting weak and groveling and begging for a list of demands of what she needs him to do in order to be with her is pretty pathetic and unattractive.

No idea why a famous singer needed to play herself in a movie like this one. Is it supposed to be a vehicle to promote her new songs? It seems almost like some parts of it are a commercial for the singer rather than being there to form a part of the story.

The story falls apart early because apart from the interesting premise, there isn't anything much there.

This movie was a disappointment. Would not watch again. Seems like movies are just getting lamer and lamer overall.

If you want to watch a romantic masterpiece, The Notebook!

Lolll i havent watch the movie and i wouldnt never take a chance to watch a 5.6 on 10 lolll thats not even the passing grade haha. Second u cant compare a 7.8 classic movie with a 5.6 lollllll np I of course seen the notebook but before i watched it i checked rank and 7.8 is high so yeah i watched it.

Like of course it was a dissapointment ,, i dont even understand how anyone will try to watch a 5.6 movie like come on shark lolllll

And of course theres a few movies with high rating bad but just a few. But the reverse never happens. Like a low rating to be good movie nope never . So why u just dont check rate before watch ,,, if its high u can take chance  and theres few chance it will be bad but if its low its impossible that will be good . Lollll why u waste ur time np