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Loving Miss Hatto (2012)

This film is based on the true story of Joyce Hatto, a concert pianist who became famous with her husband's management, but who was posthumously found to have been credited with a large number of recordings that were actually the recordings of other musicians.

Movies based on true stories tend to have a little less fanfare but hit a little harder than flash-bang-zoom-crash popcorn productions.

I found the telling of the story to be far more engaging than I'd expect. The characters and story sucked me in, even into a story that didn't scream excitement from the get-go.

Young Joyce Hatto was absolutely lovely, feminine, charming, beautiful, and delightful. Old Joyce Hatto had become a little naughty and mouthy, but maybe that leans toward true-to-life as well, as life tears down hopes and dreams and inflicts pain and loss, including their permanently and heartbreakingly empty crib.

Unlike many movies that portray cardboard characters, these characters come across human and real, flawed but lifelike. That makes them interesting.

The movie made me think, about life, love, relationships, honesty, greed, success, failure, one's perception of oneself, and, of course, the beautiful music that bleeds throughout the film.

I say yes. Yes, as in, watch it if you like true story type movies and tainted love story type movies and musical type movies.