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New Year Joy Tournament

Everyone plan to join this exciting 1s tournament on January 4th, 2024!!

This is coming up in 2 days! Let me know if you plan to participate.

See the Challonge page by clicking here.

Please note the current bracket is a preview/sample only and will change when more users are added on the day of the tournament.

Thank you to Maxx444 who has kindly donated some prize money.

Click here to see the tournament web page.

Any questions or to connect with us, please join the Discord by clicking here.

I expect it to be a great time and some great games! All users are invited to stream/warvid/Insight games to share with the community!

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Tournament map "Runners" available for download here.

Uploaded files:

I assume everyone has these but in case not, here they are.

Uploaded files:

Fantastic turnout. Noise won. Participants' random draw cash prize went to SirTheo60. Thanks to Maxx444 for donating prize money.

Thanks all for playing!

Congrats to Noise!

Nice to see fresh blood in finals: Welcome, Brett!