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The Red Sleeve

Historical Korean show

I think it's a well done and very engaging show that really sucked me in to find out what happens but it made me mad so much.


It's about a Crown Prince who is mistaken by a palace maid as someone else, and she shows her firy personality by yelling at and throwing things at him, which apparently was appealing for him since he keeps coming back to hang out with her and keep up the pretend that he is someone else.

They start to like each other and eventually she finds out he's actually the Crown Prince and all she can do anymore is bow and "yes master" for the rest of the show, and does all in her power to grovel, please, and help him every chance she gets.

The whole master and slave thing where he can have her beheaded with the snap of his fingers doesn't really give her a lot to do besides being an obedient slave.

Eventually he falls in love with her and she loves him but they can't communicate properly and she continually rejects him which is a little hard to understand since she spent all that time up til then trying to love him.

There are some things that made me mad, including how she's essentially a slave with no rights to live her own life and is treated badly and abused and still just wants more, but not *that*  much more as eventually she leads him to want, since after all her "Oh, I will serve you forever love love love my dear Prince/King", she actually doesn't want to marry him...

It's kind of confusing and made me mad but definitely kept my attention and left me badly wanting to know what happens next. But I always got angry when I found out what happens next lol.

Not a happy story. Probably realistic in the sense that I assume throughout history there have been a lot of messy or one-sided or complicated love stories.

It does meet my criteria for liking a show, as it contains at least 1 likeable character, even though they can make you mad too.

It's engaging and intense, but expect to get mad.