Fun and Fabulous Well-attended War2USA Christmas Party sets Historical Peak Users!!

THANK YOU EVERYONE for making War2USA’s Christmas Party Special Event AWESOME!!! Last night was a fantastic success, and we definitely got the record number of users logging into our server to play tonight!! Also would like to thank Moriouce and FrostyInsanity for their new Christmas themed maps “Christmas Time” and “Poinsettia” which we played tonight, some of each. What a great night. SOOOO many players!! Many on voice chat too! And we got a BRAND NEW PLAYER, Baxus, WELCOME!!! =)

The Live Stream from War2USA’s Christmas Party can be found here:
Take a look and if you haven’t already, do follow War2USA’s Twitch channel so you don’t miss any of the fun!

Here is a list of the players from last night. There were a bunch of smurfs also but I’m gonna assume they are the players below. But maybe there were even more than we know about.

Snoopy if you weren’t a smurf, sorry for not adding you! I think you were, though!
5 SophieTurners and several Jokers I’m pretty sure were above players smurfing

The night couldn’t have gone better! It was super fun and everyone was just having a great time playing the best game ever made!

Merry Christmas to everyone!!


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