Summer 2019 Map Contest!!

The maps are in for War2USA’s Summer 2019 Map Contest! Lots of awesome maps have been added to our pool that I plan to be playing a lot of in the next few weeks. Special mention to Moriouce who made a TON of new maps including many that weren’t included in this contest, but which you can find here. Many creators added their works of artistic genius to our repertoire, so thank you everyone who made maps for the community! You have several weeks to play the new maps so you can experience them to vote for your favorites starting on the War2USA forum starting September 17, 2019.

International Warcraft 2 Champion Event of June 11, 2019 now on Youtube with Bonus Exclusive Interview with the Champion!

Topple the Champion Special Event June 11, 2019

All Warcraft 2 players were invited to cash prize special event June 11, 2019 to try to Topple the Champion of Warcraft II USA server. No one was able to topple our Champion who now holds International Warcraft 2 World Champion title. Check out the Special Bonus Exclusive Interview with the Champion after the event at the end of the video! (starts at 2:41:52) The HSC super exciting and close game mentioned in the video is here:… Check out the Twitch channel to watch live games. Join War2USA Discord here: Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more Warcraft 2!

June 11, 2019 9 PM EST Topple the Champion Special Event Map Pool!!

The map pool for the June 11 Topple the Champion Special Event is below. Each player may choose a map on their turn from this pool *that has not yet been played* by another challenger. So first challenger has the most options, and after each game, the pool of remaining maps shrinks by one.
Who else is super excited to watch our Champion in action on these amazing maps?? =D
Scroll down a bit for more details about Topple the Champion Special Event!

*Topple the Champion* Exclusive Special Event Tuesday June 11, 2019, 9 pm EST at War2USA!!

Date: Tuesday June 11, 2019
Time: 9 PM EST
Place: War2USA – Get the Gateway to War2USA here if you don’t have it yet: War2USA Gateway
Prize: $75 USD if you beat the champion 2 games in a row
Map Pool: Assorted normal playstyle land and water maps, EF, one peon, details TBA in near future


Our Champion will play contestants in this order:

  1. Pre-registered contestants (maximum 3) are guaranteed a spot in line in the order they register in, provided they are present on June 11th at 9:00 pm and in the absence of the unlikely event one of them wins 2 games in a row against our highly skilled, most versatile Champion.
  2. Non pre-registered players showing up on June 11th will enter the queue in the order they arrive and are not guaranteed a chance to play (although most likely will be able to) as the contest is on for a limited time and all the challengers will be playing the same Champion, one at a time. Those not playing will be permitted to watch the players that are playing when space permits.
  3. A player will have one chance to play the Champion. If the player wins, he gets to play again. If he loses, he goes to the back of the line (and may or may not have another chance, depending on how many show up to fight).
  4. The contest will end when a player defeats the Champion 2 games in a row, or 11:30 pm EST, whichever comes first, unless a contestant defeats the Champion in a game that is in progress that carries over past 11:30 pm. A game mini series in progress will be allowed to finish to victory or defeat.

Pre-registered spots (maximum 3)

  1. Stylebender
  2. Clutch
  3. *Cancellation – spot currently open*

Click here to join War2USA’s friendly Discord!
or use the War2USA forum to communicate to guarantee your chance to win
$75 EST for playing your favorite video game in the world!!

Any player who wishes to play can show up on June 11th at 9 pm EST to try for the prize, but only the first pre-registered player (maximum 3 total pre-registered) will be absolutely guaranteed a chance to play the Champion (since he could potentially win and thus end the contest), as it’s impossible to determine ahead of time how many challengers will appear on any given day and time.

Now is your chance to experience first hand the raw power and outrageous talent of a true pro Warcraft 2 top level player.

**Our Amazing Champion stands UNDEFEATED!**

Will post some replays later.

We had a little bit of a mishap with the time, since I non-geniusly picked a day where Daylight Savings Time ends, so we lost some players because of that. Next time, I choose a day without a time change to keep things simpler lol. Sorry Werewolf. I accept responsibility for the issue with the time. You were one of the players who was on time and ready to go. I will forevermore avoid time change days for any events.

We ran out of time before all the maps got played, but we have a nice assortment of exciting fresh maps that did see some action.

Great White North

Frog Legs

Skull Isle


Honey Swamp